The Antarctic

Proud to present my new project about the Antarctic.

Last days got to bodypaint over 20 dancers in Åsa folkhögskola and create bodypainting illusion and camouflage, where people are mountains and glaciers, melting in each other. Body painted dancers got to transform like water in different forms of Antarctic nature.


It's a message of Antarctic nature in its balance, which we humans need to protect and care about. If the Antarctic melts because of our mistakes we will melt with it in a way.


I love and care about nature very much. It's my biggest inspiration, the foundation of my art and me. This time I got to create art about the Antarctic, the place I have never been, but a dream about and love so much, because it feels it's like a moon there, not a place for a human, it's always changing, its so big of its ice, snow, ocean, its home for its true nature not touched by humans, home for penguins, whales, seals, birds, krill and more. Unfortunately, people want to bring the industry there, have a base for food source of Antartic ocean animals, which would lead us to big damage and we can't let it happen. You are welcome to sign here for protecting Antarctic ocean - 
Video -

Bodypainter, photographer, project leader - Vilija Vitkutė

Bodypaint assistant: Raffioli Bendernudel and Anaï Sofeigh

Photographer: Einar Kling-Odencrants

To Åsa folkhögskola
For paper: Munken by Arctic Paper

Arūnas Mozūraitis
Rama Mahesh Halll
Fredrika Burvall
Kirsi Kekki
Stina Theren
Siiri Korkeamäki
Sara Celaya
Viivi Forsman
Kaide Alex Gonzalez