Over hundred of applications was received for BE WATER project dancers open call.

Thank you all!

We will get back with final selected dancers in 2020 May.



The performance final presentation is planned in 2021 August. Final dates to be confirmed in 2020 June.

Confirmed location - Neringa Island.


BE WATER project is looking for more partners, collaborators and  sponsors. If interested contact-

           NEED OF WATER


Andrius Mamontovas, Vilija Vitkute and Malgorzata Sus met for the first time in August 2018 to create music, body painting and dance show for a Lithuanian festival Menuo Juodaragis. After the successful collaboration the artists decided to continue working together and through artistic creation bring up an essential topic - the need of water.


First phase of the creation process started in Nida, supported by the program LKS 2021, in the residential space of Nida Art Colony. The artists went through the research and discussions to come up with the vision and plan of the future creation.

They decided to bring together different art disciplines and create a colorful fusion of music, dance and body painting, expressed in the live stage performance and in the video projections. Starting from the story of a single drop of water, symbolizing human as an individual being, we will travel through various stages of water, moon, and human life, to face the perspective of complete disappearance of this life bringing substance. Is there a new beginning coming? Will the cycle of Nature start the same over and over again?

Lithuanian and international dancers, body painters and filmmakers, and after one month of common creation present the premiere of the show in summer in 2021. 




Creation of Be water location in 2021

Be water art residence in NIDA

Nida Art Colony is an art and meeting space, surrounded by sand dunes and seas. As a resourceful platform, it runs an Artist-in-Residence ProgrammeNida Doctoral School, and initiates art, education and research projects. 

Preavious water project

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