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"The Landscapes Within"

Created in Italian/Austrian Alps in 2018/2019


Be Water art project created with dancers in Sweden and Portugal 2017/2018.2019

Special Effects Bodypainting/ By Vilija Vitkute ART / Created  between 2016 - 2019

Other Camouflage/ indoors By Vilija Vitkute/ Created in Sweden and Norway 2017

"The Landscapes within"

Created in 2015/2016 Sweden 

Bodypainting and photography - Vilija Vitkute Art


"The Landscapes Within"

Bodypainting & photography - Vilija Vitkute

Lofoten Norway / created in 2017, 2018 and 2019

"North Lights" by artist Vilija Vitkute and Photographer DagaWojtanowicz / created in 2018

"LONG WINTER" by Running Rivers 

Bodypaint photography - Vilija Vitkute

Visuals - Emi Stahl, David, Rasmus and Niko.

Bodypaint, Photography by  Vilija Vitkute

Model: Regina Bauman

Photography, Bodypaint - Vilija Vitkute

dancer Linnéa Sundling 

North of Sweden & Lofoten- Norway.

Rainbow bodypaint created for Stockholm pride 2016 with Kaaos kaamos, Linköping pride with Doa Saras, Pregnant bodypaint with Rebecka Bergman, Rainbow project in Portugal Agitagueda art festival with polish contempory dancers, 600 painted in rainbow children for equal rights created Mandala. 

"Autumn - Winter"

Photography and Bodypaint Vilija Vitkute

Model- Leire M.

"Frida Kahlo"

Bodypaint and Photography by Vilija Vitkute

Model: Leire M.

" Some Kind of Hell"

Photographer - Malin Sydne

Bodypainting, concept - Vilija Vitkute

Bodypainting in Morocco 2016

Photography, bodyapint - Vilija Vitkute

Model- Leila

" What Do We Run For" 

by Adam Alexander Johansson & Vilija Vitkute


Photograhy - Ekopics

Model/ Cirkus artist - Sunnivalb, Imogen Huzel, Aino, Alex,  Lisa, Nathalie, Sara.
Bodypaiting - Vilija Vitkute


Bodypainting, phoography - Vilija Vitkute

Model - Erika O´Neill -



Photography, bodyart - Vilija Vitkute

"Sleepwalkers" - art project about a state of mind in between. Who are we when we are awake and who are we when we are sleeping. Project created together with photographer - Tove Jessica Frank and dancers Nathalie Wahlberg & Isak Ar in Stockholm.

Winter & Spring

Photography, bodyart - Vilija Vitkute

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Norvegian room