The Arctic Landscapes Within

Camouflage Bodypainting series created during 2015 -2020 in Arctic -North of Sweden and Lofoten Norway. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-09-26 o 20.32.13.png

Paper creatures

Paper art created during 2014 -2020 for different art, film, commercial projects.

Dance and Cirkus

Dance and circus bodypainting projects in collaborations with Ecopics photographer and circus artist from Stockholm created during 2015 -2018.

Seasons change

Bodypainting and art photography project created in collaboration with International circus artist in Stockholm area in 2016 -2018.

Other camouflage artworks

Different camouflage bodypainting artworks.

Alpine fairy tales

 Camouflage Bodypainting series created during 2018 -2020. 

Other Species

First bodypainting series created during 2013-2015 in Sweden Dalarna.

Films and Videos

Photography and bodypainting from different, video projects created in 2013 -2020.

The Memory Of Water

Project that speaks about water - climate -human crises, brings the awareness about water in different art forms like bodypainting, photography, film, dance, music.

Other Bodypaintings

Competition and other body paintings

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