The Arctic Landscapes Within

Camouflage Bodypainting series created during 2015 -2020 in Arctic -North of Sweden and Lofoten Norway. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-09-26 o 20.32.13.png

Other Species

First bodypainting series created during 2013-2015 in Sweden Dalarna.

Films and Videos

Photography and bodypainting from different, video projects created in 2013 -2020.

The Memory Of Water

Project that speaks about water - climate -human crises, brings the awareness about water in different art forms like bodypainting, photography, film, dance, music.

Other Bodypaintings

Competition and other body paintings

Alpine fairy tales

 Camouflage Bodypainting series created during 2018 -2020. 

Dance and Cirkus

Dance and circus bodypainting projects in collaborations with Ecopics photographer and circus artist from Stockholm created during 2015 -2018.

Seasons change

Bodypainting and art photography project created in collaboration with International circus artist in Stockholm area in 2016 -2018.

Other camouflage artworks

Different camouflage bodypainting artworks.

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