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Art prints are an easy and affordable way to not only beautify a room, but to have your living or work space reflect your personal style and taste. Providing high quality prints makes my art works accessible to a wider audience, and your choice to purchase contemporary art prints from Vilija Art will support and promote the work I putted in all those creative uears.  Open edition prints are manufactured with the finest quality materials, and are available both framed or unframed. Explore exciting selection of prints for sale today!


About Print quality

I print on only the finest available papers and canvas to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. All papers are authentic archival quality, meaning they will outlast you and your grandchildren without fading. My hope is that these prints stay with you for years to come and become valued assets as well as pieces that inspire and arouse the viewer.

Finish – Matte, Glossy, Canvas
Size –30x45cm

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Choose print number and email it to: The print & bill will come to your adress in 2 or 3 weeks.


More then 100 print´s done in defferent themes: Nature, sport, music, spiritual, travel, love, relationships,  emotions etc. Purchase the art you love

Your new artwork is delivered from the artist studio to your door.

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Most Popular edition exclusive photo prints, acrilic glas, photoacrilic, fotocanvas

Art project "Other Species" -  Our connections to ourselves, to each other, and especially to nature, have been severed and suppressed by modern life. "Other Species" projects was about modern people coming back to nature and starting Seeing Through Native Eyes. Understanding the Language of Nature . It´s colorful artistic bodypaintings made on human bodies and captured in artistic photography. These series has been made by Vilija Vitkutė in 2013/2014 she has been photographing and painting the people bodies in Sweden. 
Other Species project has been a big success for Vilijas art career. In 2013 and 2014 after Other Species project she received art critic interest from Baltic countries, Sweden, Russia and UK. She won lots of awards, media attention from around the world.

Nr. 04     from 85 euro

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“What Do We Run For” connects art, nature and sport for a green, better future . The project is based in Sweden and is a collaboration between photographer Adam Alexander Johansson and artist Vilija Vitkute. They started the project in United States where they examines the relationship between human and nature. Using bodypaint and the power of the image in both national parks and urban areas highlights human´s relationship with its surroundings in two different ways.
The project aims to show the beauty of nature and the human body in contrast to what is man made. It creates action, to run back to nature, which help to build a better relationship with “the wild”, but also to a healthier and happier life. A life where you explore beautiful places on earth. This project also shows the problems of overuse of environment and resources caused by humans. The project asks people to make change and to run for a better, green future. We all were born to run, but we forgot, “What Do We Run For”?


Limited edition (special prints from small to large sizes. from 90 euro

Nr. 19

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Nr. 30

" Free the Bird with in " Picturs done in Dalarna . Photographer - Adam Alexander Johansson . Bodyart - Vilija Vitkute

Model - Teresa.  

limited edition

Nr. 31

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Nr. 46

Photo Prints " Some Kind Of Hell"  ( Winner of Best Music Video of The year / In Sweden/ dalecarlia music awards)

Bodypainting - Vilja Vitkute Photographer - Malin Sydne, Model - Hanna Turi

70€ (30x40) larger format able.

Nr. 47

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From 85 euros 30x40 

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from 68 euro 30x40

Latest work, series of "Cotton Wads" . Paper art, design, photography - Vilija Vitkute. Model Emi Stahl. These series has been exposed at famous SF Art People Gallery, on Vogue. It, at "Tone Art" event in Stockholm and now you can still find some prints in Borlänge Kupolen. Prints are for sell. From small post cards to large prints, up for you to choose size and print material ( canvas, paper print, photo print, glassprint etc).

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The New Series "Autumn" are available now. On photo prints, canvas, plexiglass, acrilglass, aliuminium, from small sizes to large ones. Signed photo prints from 20x30 (45 Euro),  30x40 (80 Euro),  30x45 (90Euro),  40x60 (120 Euro,  50x75 ( 135 Euro) and larger ask prices on email.

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