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"Horses by the North Sea"


photo poster high quality 30x45 cm


Unique art print created in 2018 in the Arctic Lofoten by Vilija Vitkute.


In this image, I wanted to express love and respect for nature, and its animals. To thank them and show the connection -oneness between us.

It took a lot of courage and focus to make this image come true. The weather and light changed every 10 minutes, from sunshine, rain, snow, big winds and stillness. The sea current was going fast up, it was cold, and horses were moving playfully and eating seaweed which was a challenge to hold still for the image, so it took over 500 images to capture the right moment. Thanks to brave and talented models it all worked out so well and we were so proud of the result.


Art prints are available: photo print 30x45cm - 70€

aluminium print from 170€

on the online store



#arcticbodypainting #arcticbodypaintingretreat #bodypainting #lofoten #horsesbythesea

"Horses by The North Sea" Photo poster 30x45

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