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Arctic Retreat Preparations in Lofoten

Vilija Vitkuté and Elisabeth Færøy are now co-creating the first Arctic Bodypaint Retreat, in one of the most magical places in the world - the Lofoten Islands in Norway.  In September they met to plan the upcoming retreat and to find the most special places for its creators to make their vision happen in its most inspiring and colorful way, all to bring an unforgettable experience to the participants. 

Vilija and Elisabeth share a big love for the arctic, adventures, arts, movement and health and they both love to make colorful memories. These shared passions is what they would like to share with you in this uniqe retreat experience.

This retreat is for you! The adventurer, creative, full of wonder and open-minded, that wants to challenge yourself, learn something new, get inspired, and achieve something truthful within. All in a safe and inspiring setting.  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is open for professional artists, creative and adventurous people, amateurs, and beginners from the age of 18, from any place on Earth. 

Let's spend one week in the magical arctic islands of Lofoten,
and create colorful memories together!

It's great opportunity to learn about one of the oldest art forms in the world -  body art- body painting. Its creative universe is endless and has a lot to offer, with the guidance of multidisciplinary artist Vilija Vitkute you will learn about its history, and different techniques, how to create your own artistic expression, try  out: abstract, camouflage, face painting, and UV bodypainting techniques.The chance to see Vilijas Vitkutes exhibition and live bodypainting performances.

 The chance to see Vilijas Vitkutes exhibition and live bodypainting performances.

 The creative process will happen indoor and mostly outdoors.You will be able to discover the powerful human body and mind as well as experience painting yourself and with local models. It´s  a chance for you to challenge, open up, and make your wild dreams come true. The process will be documented on video/film and photographed by professional photographers that will   It´s  an opportunity to create in arctic surroundings and express yourself  at-least once in a lifetime and you will have the best guidance for it to happen.

Creative experience includes body and mind experience. That's where we will connect with ourselves, our surroundings,  our breath, our movement, and each other. We will be moving in playful ways while hoolahooping, hiking in inspiring arctic surroundings, swimming in the North Sea, and having a bit of movement - meditations and yoga on inspiring beaches. Sharing understandings and connections about nature - body. Eating local, healthy vegetarian food indoors and outdoors by the fire with the people we share love for adventure and life.  Connecting our bodies and minds It's an important part that will help to improve ourselves and our creative process and become even more special.

With the guidance of  Elisabeth Færøy who is living in Lofoten islands for 9 years you will get to experience . During the retreat week, she will lead meditations, breathwork and movement practices for you to feel comfortable in your body and skin. Elisabeth has held several Hoop n Hike retreats, and loves to combine movement with nature hikes. As an experienced spaceholder, and with her local knowledge you can ask her anything and she will make sure your arctic bodypaint experience will be an unforgettable event in your life. 


We will stay in a large camping site located in Kabelvåg next to the water, beach, little forest, and mountains that has a lot to offer for your best stay. There are different living spaces to choose to live in from smaller cozy cabins, cottages, hotel rooms, and apartments to glamping, camper, and tent spaces.  You can choose to stay in your own space or as well together with 2, 3 or 4 people depending on your wishes and needs. We will have access to the conference, and creative studio spaces as well to the kitchen, showers, sauna, Jacuzzi, restaurant, and cafes. The breakfast we will be eating every morning together, the lunch and dinner will be provided every day for all the participants except 1 free day when you choose what you wish to do. We will have transport to keep us moving in the area. The weather in the arctic during the end of august is still warm, but we need to be prepared for anything that can be rain, storm, or winds so we will be flexible in that case and have different options and plans in case.  We will do our best to make a great retreat experience happen for you.  We will discuss the needed details in advance for about your travel and retreat preparation and give the guidance.

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