" Living With It "

I was always impressed by trees. I can't see anything bad about it. Tree is perfect creation from nature which is balancing our planet, our lungs since 4 biljons years ago. It always felt that our souls are dependent upon then nature and if our great souls die and our reality, bound to them, takes leave of us. If a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. We wanted to talk about it through those pictures and show that human and nature can build a good relationship . Just like a world biggest trees in Sequoia that can live longer when 500 years together, share water, light, survive fire, give oxygen and continue balancing our planet, why we can't learn from it and live along?

This project shows how important it is to take care of nature and to be a friend with it. Trees are so important, because if trees burn, fall, or they keep on being destroyed massively by human, small things recoil in silence, their senses aroded by fear, when great souls die the air becomes light, rare, sterile, our eyes briefly, see with hurtful clarity and those promised walks will be no longer taken.

Vilija Vitkute - artist ( Lithuania) , Adam Johansson - Photographer (Sweden)

Kiwi popsicle



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