Running Rivers "Long Winter" experimental art project

Running Rivers is Scandiniavian and Baltic interdisciplinary group of artists, audio visual makers, cinemaphotographers, dancers and cirkus performers that started in 2014. Lithuanian/Swedish artist Vilija Vitkute known as bodypainter and film director started Running Rivers in Sweden which she describes as "the radical and experimental art movements" . Running River are concentrating creating about human and nature relationship in these art forms include video, audio visual art, bodypainting, dance, cirkus performance, theater, photography, music.

Running Rivers creators crew:

Visuals: David Carvajal, Emi Stahl, Rasmus Lillliestierna, Niko Jablonsky

Director, artist, bodypainter, producer: Vilija Vitkute (VilijaArt)

Cinemaphotographers: Jakob Ericsson, Seb Astian, Anton Höjer.

The creations process:

The creation process has more then 3 parts so far. First is research in Norway of landscapes, makign projections on nature. Secound working with art film human as landscape, mapping visuals of nature on human bodies. 3rd part makign visuals landscapes as bodie in Lofoten and 4th the film, peroformance and visual show off all creation.

Part 1.

We made research in Norway/ Jondal in 2015 February were we filmmed winter landscapes and made a visual projections on landcsapes_ waterfalls, hills, glaciers, rivers, stones, mountains. We worked outside, during winter in the night i very cold conditions in more then a week.

Part 2.

After more then 3 years of creation, meetings we continue our work in 2017 Stockholm/Årsta in Sydne studio.

We had only 10 days to research and delever the winter landcsapes, create visuals, bodypainting, to film bodies. Running Rivers researched body positions to make projections, bodypaintign and to film. We had 3 days to make experiments, tests, before final shooting. We worked over 12 hours a day with over 20 models, 2 filmmakers, 4 audio visual artist and one director, produecer artist. We gather the visuals, film, light, bodypaint equipment mosly needed for final shooting and experimenting. We reseached the models which were in different ages, countries and had interest to be a part of our projet.

Short synopsis

"Long Winter" short experimental art film about human body as landscape and relationship between it. This film presents body as part of nature where people get to see human bodies a sleep in winter as landscapes which transforms in different types of skin colors, age, pregnancy, in artististic forms as bodypainting, visual effects which are specially animated projections and dance movements. This art film brings you back to where you came from and makes you to fall in love with nature´s magic and to see things in other perspectives.

Emi and Rasmus preparing to work

Researching the positions and trying out projections

We tried over 30 body as landcsape postions with different models.

A part of making glacier.

It took over 4 -8 hours to create projections, film and bodypaint one position. Models needed to be completely still during visual projections mapping, bodypaint and fillming.

We filmmed body as landscape in day time first, when in night time with projection coming on it and then in its transformation with bodypaint and projections.

We used visual projections on bodypainting which made landscape to look alive.

We used organic animations: waterfalls coming out of the ices, landcsape beating up from heart line, ice creacking from hibs simbolizing the birth.

The creation of "Hug" cirle of life and love. We wanted to compera human and landscape , needs to stay in its best, healthy, balanced way. Were for nature to grow you need water and light, relationship needs the same.

We wanted to show the different types of body, to stay away of what "perfect" is and keep on natural, nature feeling hrowing, getting old, being born and dieing. We filmmed people from different countries, different ages, pregnant ones.

We filmmed a dance part were frozen winter landscape is waking up, because of season change, in it´s rebearth, moving slowy up towards light.

For life to happen love, light and water is needed, we picture pregnant women as landscape, rebearth.

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