To be Sponsor for Vilija ART

Because of these Sponsors , people 

lot´s of great art projects came true .

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Big Thanks to Pontus Strålin. He has been supporting my art projects with photo material. ( Living art film made in Iceland, Running Rivers film made in Norway, photo project " What Do We Run For" made in US ).


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Tel: 0739-47 77 27

Falun Magazinet 

En öppen mötesplats och ett kreativt laboratorium

Big Thanks to Lisa, Magdalena, Mats for making lots of great art project happen like VM art culture,  art/Music video " Some Kind Of Hell" which won best music video of the year and now is going to be presented at international 56A biannale in Venice.




Reisemål Hardanger Fjord AS

                                     Big Thanks to  -

                                     Hans Jørgen Andersen!

                                     Hans help so much with

                                     all the contacts, 

travel information, guiding, asistense,

press during our filmmaking with

Running Rivers in Norway.





Big Thanks for money and teknik support for :


             "some kinf of hell"

             " Living With It" &

          " Running Rivers" films.

Special THANKS to these  people:

My best friend Shina,  Asken - Margareta Gåfvels, Anne-christine Carlsson, Evalena Elk Karlsson, Albertui Gurskui, Alexandra Björk,  Johannes Lindgren, Anki Kjellberg, Arenan -  Jocke Wredelius, Laila Bergsagel, Anton Höjer, Running Rivers, Wallentin Östensson, Kristina Eld, Stefan Wels, Ritai Naujokaitytei, Tomui Povilanskui, Sauliui Rimkui, Maria Dahlgren, Åsa Nylen, Danielle OConnell Wistedt and all the friends !!!