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Terms & conditions

Please review our cancellation policy, covid and additional information about materials,  model and film/photography agrements, before completing the booking.

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If you as a participant must cancel your trip the following cancellation policy apply:


Cancellation within one week after booking is fully refundable except the admin fee of 5%.

Cancellation from June 1st 2024 untill June 14th a cancellation fee of 50% of the total retreat package price will apply.* )


Cancellation From June 15th till retreat start, a cancellation fee of 95% of the total

retreat package price will apply.*)


There are no refunds for late arrivals or early departures.


If we as the organizer have to cancel the retreat due to unforeseen events,

you will receive a full refund of the amount already paid, except admin fee of 5 %.


If you as a participant must cancel your participation in the retreat due to unforeseen events,
including but not limited to weather, personal emergencies, illness, accidents,
flight cancellations or delays, we cannot accept liability.*)


We recommend that you purchase travel protection insurance.


*) If you must cancel and we find a replacement for you (if there is a waiting list) in a
timely manner or you bring a replacement, you will receive a

full refund except the admin fee.


administration fee from total amount is plus 3,5-5% depending on chosen retreat offer.

The bodypaint materials costs extra.

The extra stay day cost extra, we can help to prolong your stay if you would like.



If the Norwegian government decides to impose COVID regulations that make the retreat impossible (e.g. lockdown, limited number of people, closed beaches), you will receive a 100% refund of the price paid.

In the event that you are unable to arrive due to a COVID illness, regulations of your country, or non-compliance with Norway's entry requirements, we cannot accept liability and our standard cancellation policy will apply.



For the ones who made booking of option 1 and 2 we will provide most of materials: bodypaitning colors main pallet that you can bring with you home afterwords, colors for camouflage class & brushes  - will be used during the retreat, as well hulahoops are inkluded to borrow during the classes. the ones who book option 3  you would need to bring your own body painting colours and brushes or we can as well help you to order them for you. The cost of materials are from 120 - 280€  depending on your wishes. In urgent cases we will have extra colors , brushes and needed materials at the retreat place that you can buy. 


We will have a group of local models that are volunteers or can be your model for an additional fee of ( 30€ -80€ a day). We will connect you in advance and help you to plan the best collaborative experience. If you made a booking for option 1 and 2 the model  is included.

Photography and film

there will be a main professional photographer - Vilija Vitkute and as well a second photographer/filmmaker to picture the process and results. You are more than welcome to bring your own photo-film equipment and work with it during the retreat. Please make sure you have insurance for your camera equipment safety.

CONTRACTS for photograhping and Liability

We will need to sign a contract between you, us and the models that everyone agrees to be photographed, and that pictures can be used on social media, web etc with mention of photographer, model, artist etc.
A liability form will also be needed to be signed at the start of the retreat. Stating that you participate in all activities at your own risk.

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