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Arctic Landscapes Within Art prints

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Vilija Art - high-quality photo art, prints, and home deco made with love. Vilija wanted to create art that is affordable, as well as exclusive, limited edition, and for private collectors - art for people. Focusing on sustainability, uniqueness, nature, and stories.

When choosing  Vilija Art Prints Posters, you get a timeless premium product for your particular wall. This is photo art with very high quality. In addition, you can choose to have your image printed either on paper, aluminium, framed, or canvas.

Each series from Vilija Art carries its own story, journey, skills, passion, hard work and research behind. Through the created pictures we want to bring you inspiration, connection, peace, balance and beauty. Artist also want to convey her feelings and show that she cares. For it´s picture is never just a picture. To emphasize this, every product we deliver has a story, uniqueness and a value. 

Soul, heart and care for nature-ourself is the artist Vilijas Vitkutes investment into our her artworks and visions coming into productions. She starts with creative ideas building up a research, journey, deepness and truthfulness around the chosen theme and motive. Then she search for locations and individuals that fits the vision it takes a lot of passion, courage, mental and physical work to make it happen specially series created in the Arctic that no else have yet created something like that. 

The material we use are of the highest quality throughout all our Vilija Art photo art series. You have the possibility to choose whether you want your image printed on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, framed, plexiglass or wood. There is as well limited additional  art-works. A delivery with photo art from Vilija Art should be something very special.

Spread the inspiration and LOVE!

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